Welcome To Euro Group Of Schools

EURO GROUP OF SCHOOLS is a chain of schools, presently consisting of four schools. Our chairman Satyavir Yadav is a graduate engineer with M.B.A. from I.I.M. Ahmedabad. He wants to spread quality Education not only in Gurgaon, but all over Haryana. He believes that education is the greatest gift that anyone can receive, and it is not just books, it is building up of character, sowing seeds of value, equality and integrity.

Under the adept guidance of hon'ble Chairman, the staff proposes among the future citizens of the nation. His long-standing commitment to quality and excellence in curriculum and academic has become par excellence.

The Never-die spirit of chairman prepares the pupils to face the ever changing world by equipping them with the latest tools of excellence.

Our Vision

Our aim is to prepare students in such a manner as to make them globally acceptable in all walks of life. Just as the purpose of food is not only to fill stomach but also to provide healthy and rich diet, In the same way, the purpose of education is not only to teach books to the children, but also to educate them in such a manner that they enrich their lives with the diet of good culture (sanskar), smartness, knowledge and awareness so they become the torch bearers in the fields of science, art & culture. We envisage growth of the children with a definite objective of equipping them with the latest tools of excellence to face all the challenges and emerge out successfully.

Our Mission

Knowledge, smartness, adaptability, self-dependence and positive change is the purpose of education in Euro International School. The aim of the school is not only to teach children but also to groom them into smart individuals and develop their inherent qualities, so that they can sail the global society towards progress, prosperity, harmony and growth.